DRC365 #196


Digital Data Collection. Our maternal health project uses mobile phone technology via a bespoke app that allows the ‘Mother Buddies’ to track and store information during their visits. They follow a series of questions designed for specific points during the pregnancy and to help spot any danger signs before it is too late. The phones automatically upload key information when they have signal, and are charged via portable solar panels. The data is then stored on a central server and analysed by the project team to track progress and ensure that we are meeting specific indicators. This data enables us to make better decisions and tailor our project to the changing context. 


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  1. Margaret Hyde says:

    Have you seen the work of “Embrace Rwanda” started by Canadians in Kigeme diocese? They now have a facebook page as well as a web site- started by working with pregnant mums? We are partners with them, working alongside them – lots of the thing we’re bringing out will be going to their scheme.

    1. hletters says:

      Not hear of them but will definitely look them up!

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