DRC 365 #32

Teach a woman to fish. I’ve heard that phrase said often as if there was a magic formula for development. But anyone who has spent a significant amount of time working in this sector will name off half a dozen exceptions to that rule. Today I was proven otherwise. As part of the SWIFT programme, Tearfund is working with local communities and government to mobilise communities to take ownership of their well-being and hygiene. Through dialogue, sensitisation and training we have now seen over 100,000 people, in the past 18 months, gain access to hygienic latrines using their own resources. I see behind her smile a sense of accomplishment and dignity. Teaching a women to fish is one thing, empowering them to be the change is something completely different. As the Congolese say “Umoja Nguvu” … L’union fait la force. 


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