Just Another Day in the Office


I started a new job this week. Daunted. Challenged. Full of anticipation.

Thousands of miles away in a different hemisphere someone else was facing the most difficult job assignment they had ever experienced.
There was no office. No desk. No computer. No Internet. No phone.
On the first day of their job they faced the daunting challenge of responding to an overwhelming disaster that had destroyed their community.

They were called into work on the day when personal problems overwhelmed their private life.
The roof had been torn off their house, the roads were blocked with debris, and a family member had been seriously injured.
Several members of the community were dead, and many more reported missing.

Power lines were strewn amongst the debris and the water supply to the community was contaminated with flood water.
Those who had successfully evacuated the town returned, some to help, some to seek out missing loved ones, desperate for news.
There was no food, no water, no shelter for the most vulnerable who needed it the most.

This was not my first day at work, but it was for many others.

Aid is still arriving and being delivered to the hundreds of thousands of people displaced in the Philippines.
If you would like to hear more, check out Medair, Samaritans Purse, and Tearfund for regular updates.


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