Waiting for a bus


Sometimes the hardest thing to do is wait.

In a culture where information, news, status updates are immediate and accessible, patiently waiting is not only frustrating but feels countercultural. 

I have been forced to learn to wait. Not always patiently, but diligently waiting for the next step and opportunity to come along. Resolving to settle and to put down roots in one place only to find myself packing up suitcases and boxes for another move. Standing still at the metaphorical bus stop hoping to find the right opportunity come my way.

As with all buses, metaphorical or otherwise, several then came at once. A multitude of opportunities opened up and my patience was rewarded, putting my decision making abilities to the test. Exciting new adventures are on the horizon and having got used to regular change and the unpredictability of life, my bags are packed and ready to go.

The months of waiting at the bus stop were worth it, and despite the ups and downs throughout it all it is fun to see the next adventure lining up on the horizon. 

So, if you are still waiting at that proverbial bus stop, take heart, and take a deep breath. I can’t tell you when the bus will finally get to you, but persevere, chase those opportunities and be patient. An adventure is on its way.


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