Seeking Self-employment


After six months of job hunting, CV editing and interview preparation I am beginning to wonder if self-employment is the future.
Why not? I get to be my own boss, work whenever and wherever I want and explore new ideas.

When the search for a full-time regular salary is proving elusive, and the expected sources of work are no longer fruitful, perhaps it is time to look at other options again.

I love writing and so signed up to be a freelance writer, not expecting it to amount to anything for a few months or even a year. Then yesterday I won my first paid job. Only one day of work, but still, a step in the right direction.

As my travels take me to new and interesting places and unpredictable adventure hover on the horizon, I want a flexible way of working and earning an income in the meantime. Hence the beginnings of a foray into the world of self-employment.

I am sure there will be times ahead where I find myself in a position of unemployment again, waiting on the next job and the next opportunity. So to set up a source of residual income seems like a good idea. Combining my passion and interest for writing with earning money seems a pretty cool option.

What if self-employment is the future? As more companies hire consultants and short-term staff, and unemployment levels fluctuate with the changing economy, it is wise to have a back-up plan.

I was challenged last week to write out twenty business ideas. I struggled to get to ten but after some reflection I tapped in to my inner entrepreneurial spirit and found more ideas. Maybe none of these will ever come to fruition. Maybe they are already outdated. Maybe someone is already doing it. Yet it was fun to explore the ideas and to realise that I didn’t need to find the next ‘big idea’, just find several small ones with potential.

What have you always wanted to do? Could you make a business idea out of it? Write it down. There is something in the power of words that serve as a reminder, a commitment to your ideas.

Where will your ideas take you?


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