How to Rest when you are feeling Restless


Take a break.

That has been everyone’s advice. Enjoy the time off. Relax.

But I am feeling restless.

Humanitarian work is fast-paced, non-stop and stressful. There is no time to rest. A multitude of demands present themselves every day. Plans have to change and adapt to the dynamics of the situation, and you learn to expect the unexpected.

Working in the field requires high-energy, motivated and hard-working individuals. You often work in roles where you are expected to do far more than your job description ever even suggested. You are needed to solve the problems, to address the needs and to respond to the never-ending demands. You are forced to work to your full potential, even when exhausted, and to keep pressing on and working, even when you feel you are at the very end.

It is a tough working environment with many challenges but the rewards bring so much fulfillment.

So when you stop, and rest, it is a shock. Initially it is exhaustion and fatigue, then you begin to relax and recuperate.

But after a few months, you are restless again. Itchy feet. Waiting for the next post and looking for the next opportunity.

So, I am trying to rest, but feeling restless.


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