How to live life like it is an adventure



I have been challenged recently to take a step back and look again at what I would like to do with my life. A fruitless job search has sapped my enthusiasm and motivation and forced me to reflect on what I would like to do over the next year.

When you reach an impasse inlife you are given a choice; give up or find a solution to the problem. It is all too easy to give up sometimes and let discouragement and depression sink in. It takes energy, drive, and vision to try and get through the impossible impasse.

I was inspired recently to identify my ‘mountain’. The goal I am trying to achieve, and the end point I am working towards. For me, it is career-based. What am I doing now that will bring me closer to my mountain-top? For you it may be a bucket-list, a new home, a holiday of a lifetime you have always wished for but never planned or saved for. What are you doing now that will bring you closer to that mountain?

I identified my start point, the beginning of my career working overseas and noted all the things I had loved about my jobs, university courses, internships and overseas placements. Writing, communicating, politics, the list went on. Taking the common themes I looked again at the jobs I had taken and the jobs I would love to do one day. Armed with a notebook and coloured pens I began to plot out my path up the ‘mountain’ and came up with a sketch that identified goals and ideas for the future.

My mountain

It has helped me to identify things I can be doing now that will lead me on my next steps up the mountain. Sound advice given to graduates in this video inspired me to look again at what I wanted to do, how I can be creative and make a change in my career path. I am working towards my next big adventure.

What are you doing now that will bring you closer to your mountain?


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  1. It’s great advice for anyone really. It’s so easy to het sucked into the routine. lets keep dreaming and setting goals!

  2. Ellie says:

    A great approach, H. It’s so easy to lose track of what our actual goals are and what the best route to achieving them is.
    Stick in there and I hope some paths open up soon, always happy to help in any way I can re the journo/comms route x

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