What will you miss about Chad?

I looked out over the rooftops, a view of N’djamena by night, lights flickering under a clear starry sky and reflected back over my two months here.

I will miss the people. The staff I have worked with, the friends I have made, the local community, the beneficiaries I have met. They have all influenced me in different ways and it has been a real privilege to get to know such amazing people.

I will miss the heat. Well, sometimes. I shall not miss trying to sleep when the temperature at night is over 30C and the only breeze blowing brings suffocating dust with it. I shall miss the clear sunny days, and the cloudless skies at night revealing hundreds of stars and constellations.

I will miss the adventure. The unpredictable nature of life here that brings new challenges, but also fresh experiences each day.

And so my brief love affair with Chad is over. It has been a whirlwind of a relationship. Intense, fast-paced, and hot, this romance will not be forgotten. As the plane takes off this evening and I leave behind the sparkling lights of the city, I know that Chad has found a place in my heart, and this is not the end of the story.


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