Water, Water, Water

I haven’t had a shower in six days. The water pump is broken. Fortunately, we still have water, just no shower. Then this morning, there was no water at all. I was glad I had conserved some in a bucket yesterday so I could wash.

It always challenges my expectations whenever we run out of water here. Despite the number of years I have lived in developing countries I still get a shock when there is no water. It reminds me never to be complacent, and forces me each time to think how I use water and to conserve it carefully.

In a hot dusty climate the lack of water is felt even more keenly in the oppressive heat. Cold refreshing water is a blissful gift in the attempt to escape the rising temperatures. I realise that I am very lucky to have running water here and enough clean filtered water to drink. When there is a lack of it, I begin to appreciate it more.

Little things can become huge frustrations here, and whilst I am glad to be taught the value of water and have my expectations challenged, if I am honest, I am looking forward to having a shower!


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