The Perfect Man



Ever wonder where all those books you used at school or university then forgot about disappeared to? Perhaps they are covered in dust somewhere in the attic. Or perhaps they are in Chad. Still covered in dust.It was the most inappropriate library I had ever seen. Generous donations of university level books were piled on top of one another, from degree-level chemistry to philosophers’ tomes and even a complete works of Shakespeare.

Whilst seeing Shakespeare in the middle of the dusty desert refugee camp did make me smile, I doubt that it has been much use to the refugees here. Another donation that was full to the brim with good intentions, but very little practical research to back it up.

A well-thumbed book was out on the table when I arrived and I read through it, being mostly pictures, it was an easy read. I include a picture of the cover page and I’ll leave you to judge its usefulness in this context….

My Perfect Man
The Perfect Man

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