Everything is hot. I mean everything. It is hard to type this out on the keyboard as the laptop is hot. The cold water I just put into the glass next to me is already tepid. Even my pen and my notebook are hot. My phone rings and I don’t want to pick it up as it will be hot, held against my ear, also hot. The air is thick with heat and dust around us.

The sky is not blue here, the horizon a blurry line of shimmering heat rising from the parched sandy desert landscape. Dust rises and mixes with the air making the sky a dull brown-blue, clouded and dense.

I can hardly concentrate on the screen in front of me as the heat is making my mind dull, trying to read through documents and emails through the haze of heat. Beads of sweat frame my hairline and soak through into the headscarf I am wearing.

Outside in the sun the heat is scorching and even the lizards dare not hot-foot it across the sand to the next bit of shade. Everyone stays still, moving as little as possible so as not to create more heat. It is about 45C inside and the hottest part of the day has just passed.

I reach again for my glass of water, blink away the sweat and rub the dust from my eyes, longing for these hours of heat to pass and the cool air of the evening with open starry skies to descend and make life bearable once again.


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