Do you want to be successful in life or do you want to succeed at your life?

My colleague and I had a great debate about life plans one evening this week. A born project manager, he writes out his yearly plan, with goals and objectives to be achieved. At first I was dubious, there is being organised, but a meticulous plan and aims? It sounded too much like work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to be organised. I love making plans and thinking about the future. But the unexpected kept interrupting my neat plans, in good and terrible ways, so I gave up, and just kept taking opportunities as they came along.

But I have been challenged recently, not least by the conversation I had this week, but by others too. What do I want out of life? What motivates me? What are the things that I want to achieve?

As we discussed further he showed me his plans he had written down a few years ago, jotting down hopes and dreams, and how he had achieved them, how he was achieving them in his current role. It was exciting and encouraging as he showed me how when he did an end-of-year evaluation (told you he was born to be a project manager) he found he had achieved almost all of his goals for the year.

So I have been challenged. I am going to write out my plan for the year ahead. I know that the unexpected may (most likely will!) come along and change some things, but what motivates me and drives me will remain a constant.

What about you? Do you want to be successful in life or be successful at your life?


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