Sunday at the pool in N’djamena

I read ‘Sunday at the Pool in Kigali’ many years ago and I can picture it as I lounge by the pool here in N’djamena. A group of eastern European UN guys sit near me and laugh as they push each other into the pool. A group of French aid workers are on the other side of me, sitting in the impossibly hot sun and sipping cokes.

There is a splash as a group of kids jump in the deep end of the pool, causing a group of girls to look up suddenly from the magazines, peering over their sunglasses to see what caused the minor shower that startled them out of their afternoon reverie.

The French military are in town, and soon the pool is filled with well built men swimming lengths and sipping beers by the pools edge. Eventually the sun begins to set and the pool empties out as the cool of the evening creeps in. It is time to head to the restaurant for their famous steak and stay in this world away from work and the dusty chaos of the city just a little bit longer.


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