The Curious Case of the Missing Goats


Part of my job this week has been to try and find out what happened to some goats that have gone missing from our goat project, in an incident that raises more questions than answers.

A few weeks ago one of the staff came into my office and informed me that one of our vehicles had encountered a roadblock in one of our communities. The vehicle had been accompanying the truck delivering goats to beneficiaries in one of our communities, and for some unknown reason had decided to take a route that had long ago been deemed impassable due to previous hostility from the community there. Unsurprising then, that they had been stopped and held to ransom.

I sent one of our community liaison officers out to negotiate with the community, and eventually the truck with the goats was let through and the distribution could continue. All seemed to have passed peacefully with only a minor incident.

Then later I was informed that upon arrival in the community a gang had disrupted the distribution and made off with around 15 goats. Having been at other goat distributions I can only imagine the chaos as they tried to grab, chase and haul away the goats, screams and cries from the goats filling the air. In a way it must have been quite a comical sight!

But still the saga goes on. The numbers were initially 6 missing, then 10, now 15. I am not sure if we will ever see these goats again, nor who exactly took them. Is this a group of goat-thieving bandits we should beware of? Or a group of opportunists who saw the opportunity to make a quick buck?

The mystery continues, but hopefully before too long I will have the paperwork showing the beneficiaries who never received their goats, and be able to put this story to rest. Another week in Haiti!



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