Pathetic Fallacy

During the rainy season in Haiti it is not unusual to see storm clouds building in the sky. Today the sky has been dark with deep grey clouds, threatening a storm up ahead. Storms here are fierce and powerful, with torrential rain causing flooding and landslides across the country.

The clouds seem to be particularly portentous today. Many members of staff have been unable to come into work today due to blockades on the road between Léogâne and Port-au-Prince. Demonstrations and political instability are increasing and security updates and movement restrictions have been coming in all day. Clashes between the government and the police have led to violent demonstrations and blockades in the capital.

It seems to be uncertain what lies ahead. The clouds threaten rain but have not unleashed their downpour yet. The demonstrations have continued all day and staff have been told to stay at home until it is deemed safe for them to travel tomorrow. Tensions are rising and those who have lived in Haiti for many years are warning that the signs of instability are pointing towards more violence and political degradation.

Perhaps the rain will bring refreshment, and put out the burning tyres. Maybe it will only be a temporary respite before the heat rises again tomorrow. I don’t know how fierce and how long the storm will rage, but it certainly looks ominous.


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