Glad about goats

A pair of yellow eyes watched me closely as I climbed up the side of the truck to get a better view. Over a hundred goats were in the back, ready to make their journey up into the mountains where they would be delivered to vulnerable women as part of our livelihoods programme.

Shouts of delight, and squeals from the goats as they were passed down from the truck filled the air. Each goat was checked, vaccinated and passed across to the women waiting where they are taken further down the hill waiting to be distributed.

‘Bonjour blan’, one of the women greeted me as she waited to collect her goats, some women already eying up the goats they wanted to take. There was a shout and the crowd began laughing as a woman ran off down the hill, chasing a goat that had somehow become untied and was making a bid for freedom.

Each of these women will get two goats, one lady in each group will have a male goat that will reproduce with the others, and when the young are born, the adult goats will then be gifted to a new set of women and the cycle continues.

There was a lot of excitement as they collected their goats, for many women who lost houses, family and livelihoods in the earthquake, this is an opportunity to make some money and build up a better future for themselves and their families.

Janette clutched her goats and smiled as she headed off down the hill ‘we are very happy to get the goats today, we didn’t have anything before’.


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