Learning by Falling

When a child first learns to walk, they totter precariously on unsteady legs and then fall. Fortunately they are often watched over by a doting parent who picks them up and encourages them to try again.

This was an example given to me this week at a training session on management; highlighting the fact that learning is often about making mistakes and persisting before we are finally able to complete the task.

I felt a little unsteady in my role last week as I was left in charge of the office and a few minor disasters made me wonder if I was at all capable of doing my job. Thankfully supportive friends encouraged me and spurred me on and I made it to the end of the week, exhausted but having overcome some obstacles and without too many more minor disasters.

I have had to learn some things the hard way, and am still learning! The falling is hard, and it is often difficult to find the energy to get up again, knowing that you will face more knocks as you go on. But with the support of my friends and colleagues, and motivated by the love of the work I am part of here, there is an incentive to keep trying.


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