I have been here for two months now, and whilst I feel more settled in my job and life here, I still feel like I am finding my feet. This is my first aid work post, and it has been a real eye-opener. I expected frustrations and anticipated the ups and downs of working here, but what I have experienced so far has put flesh on the bare bones of the theory I learnt at university.

I’m sure many of the ‘veterans’ of aid work that I am working alongside are already weary of my questions and queries, but I have found it fascinating to learn from their expertise. Observing the way they handle the challenges and overcome the obstacles that come along has been inspiring, as well as the way in which they handle the mistakes they make.

The sparkle may have worn off my view of the aid worker lifestyle but it has lost none of its allure. Accompanied by a highly motivated and committed team, the setbacks may occasionally put a dent in the team’s morale, but also sparks a renewed effort and an increased desire to see things change.

It is easy to get jaded by the complexities and challenges inherent in aid work, and I hope that being new to the game will help to bring a fresh perspective (and hopefully not too much naivety!).


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