Jam Ladies

A dynamic group of women are working together in the mountains of Leogane to run a small business selling jams, peanut butter, juice and vinaigrettes. There are 80 women part of this cooperative, and they sell their produce at local fairs, using the profits to make a new batch. A picture on the wall in their shop shows a table laden with their goods at one of these community fairs.

‘Before we would take some money, here and there $3 or $5 and we would make what we could. Now we are growing and can make more. One day we would like to make enough to sell in Léogâne or Jacmel’

These entrepreneurial women are hoping to extend and build on their business, allowing them to involve more women and make larger batches. ‘We are now renting a house so we can make more jam and find somewhere we can sell it on the roadside so more people will buy it. At the moment there is more demand than supply. We are working hard’

We were joined by some of the other ladies who formed part of the women’s group; I asked them who decides what the recipes will be each time; ‘we all put our heads together and we make the recipes together as a group’.

So what they say is not true after all – too many cooks? The jams I tasted were delicious.


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