Market Day in Léogâne

The main road bustles with activity, wooden stalls are propped up all along the road and traffic is forced to avoid pedestrians weaving in and out between the stalls and across the road. Stalls sell everything from cosmetics to lingerie, bananas to belts, shoes to cereal. Each wooden stand is piled precariously high with products, and some street sellers walk around with their wares, the belt seller encircled by leather. Women heavily laden with goods pile onto the backs of heavily laden lorries to return home, and men swing dangerously from the backs of buses grasping their market purchases in one hand, and the back of the bus with the other. Bargains are made, bartering is essential, and hands push bottles of water up against the window as we try to drive through the chaos. A man carries a basket on his back with pills, vitamins and other potions strapped to the outside; a travelling pharmacy. As we leave the crowds, the numbers of stalls diminish, with a line of ladies selling mangos carefully piled in tiny pyramids along the roadside.


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