Stuck in the mud

We turned up a rocky road on our way to visit some of the water and sanitation projects in the area. Climbing up steep slopes and down rocky routes we hit a muddy patch at the foot of one of the hills. Our driver weaved his way across, suddenly we stopped, wheels spinning in a couple of feet of mud. The driver clambered out of the window, unable to open his door with the height of the mud. He disappeared round the front of the car, returning with mud up to his elbows. He tried the engine again to no avail. We were stuck.

A couple of passers-by stopped and one went to fetch a shovel. Mud was moved and some guys gave us a push. Still stuck. Eventually we got out of the vehicle, trying not to slip and fall in the mud. We collected stones, rocks and even sticks and palm fronds to try and create some sort of grip for the wheels. Still stuck. The driver jacked up the back of the vehicle, and managed to get enough grip to move the vehicle. Our spirits then sank, as well as the vehicle, as two metres further along, the wheels were once again stuck in the mud. More enterprising methods were tried, hefting huge rocks from along the road to try and lift the wheels clear. The vehicle was pushed, pulled, bounced, lifted. Still stuck.

Over an hour later the decision was made to phone for help. Our knight in a shining white Landcruiser arrived just a short while later and pulled us out with seemingly little effort. Travelling in Haiti can be nerve-wracking, tiring, but sometimes just plain frustrating. Lifted out of the mud, it was too late to continue on our way, but just time to go home.


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