Losses and Gains

Leaving is all about losses and gains. It is really hard to say goodbye and bid farewell to loved ones. I will miss birthdays, weddings and many other celebrations, missing out on both the eventful and mundane occurrences of everyday life here in the UK.

Yet there is a new adventure to be gained. New experiences, new people to meet and new friends to be made. Of course there will be new challenges too, and difficult times lie ahead.

With new challenges however, also come rewards. Despite the problems I will face, there will be glimpses of success, gratitude and hopefully a sense of achievement.

There is ambivalence to leaving, the sorrow and sadness of leaving family and friends behind, yet also the excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead.

I will lose, and miss out on many things whilst I am away. But I will gain adventures, grow through my experiences, and collect many more stories along the way. This opportunity is something I have long awaited, and now feel prepared and ready to go. Some things are worth the sacrifice.


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