Are you ready?


Time seems to be disappearing fast, hence little time to write blog posts. I am part-way through my briefing, which has given me a fantastic insight into the world I am about to enter out in Haiti.

My security training has been a huge learning curve, never before has anyone given me advice on what to do if shot at, kidnapped or mugged. It feels like a stark and close reality now.

Thankfully I am going with an organisation determined to give me a full and detailed briefing, and whilst I come away from each meeting with more to read, there is still plenty of time to prepare.

I spoke to a colleague today who will be joining the team in Haiti next week. It was encouraging to speak to someone who could understand and empathise with the feelings that I’m encountering during my preparation.

Above all the whole prospect of going now seems very real. For years it has been a dream, and now it has become a reality. A daunting prospect.


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