Don’t Panic…

I was happily reading some briefing documents for Haiti on the train home the other day and suddenly found my eyes drawn to a section at the top of the penultimate page: ‘Last Will and Testament’.

It was an abrupt reality check as I had been aware that I would be travelling into a dangerous environment, but had not played out the ‘worst case scenario’ that might happen. Fortunately as I read on, it reassured me that writing my will is ‘advisable’ not essential and the rest of the document wasn’t quite as fear-inducing.

I am confident in that I know that the organisation I will be working with have decades of experience in relief work, and support their overseas staff well. Yet I still felt a certain amount of apprehension, knowing now the very real dangers and risks that are present there.

As I prepare for the role I have met with others who have been out to Haiti and seen the projects that I will be working on. It has been encouraging to hear their stories and experience, and useful to gain their advice. Gaining a clearer picture of life out there is helping me to anticipate something of what I will experience.

My first relief work posting is certainly nerve-racking to prepare for, but it is an amazing opportunity that I cannot pass up, and offers an exciting new adventure.


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